Our Story

It all started with a Fitness Test.

When Peter decided to join the Royal Air Force he was required to pass a fitness test; which included running 1.5 miles within a set time.

So, he started to run!

Fast-forward 7 years (and over 4 years serving in the RAF) and he's turned into an obsessed and addicted Trail Runner.

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Living in the U.K's beautiful Peak District National Park with his family, he heads up into the hills at least twice a week to run over this wild and isolated landscape.

After 7 years of running in sunshine, rain, snow, hail, thunder and gale force winds, he's learned a thing or two about which kit is required to remain healthy and alive.

His adventures did not go unnoticed and he soon had sports wear companies sending him gear to test and recommend to fellow runners.

Then in 2020 he had an idea:

Why not design and create his own piece of running gear, based on what he had discovered to be THE most useful and overlooked piece of kit available to any runner: the 'Head Buff'.

Of all the equipment he has used this is the one piece of kit he uses on every, single run. No matter the terrain or weather, this ridiculously versatile piece of equipment is never left behind.

Whether as a headband in the summer to keep hair off your face, a wrist band to wipe the sweat away. A face-covering to protect from the frost, a neck scarf to keep your neck warm in winter, an extra layer for your face in the snow or when required to keep bugs from biting in wet weather, this covers them all.

Whilst ensuring you look fashionably cool in the process!

As Peter said, "Once you've used one of these you cannot imagine how you lived without it! We had them in the Royal Air Force and they were every trooper's favourite piece of gear. However, the material used was too thick and could quickly become uncomfortable when out on exercise or operations. This is why I've designed ours to have the perfect balance of breathability, wicking-capability and flexibility when out exploring."

Another extremely important element for us is the assurance that all stages of the production are carried out in a completely ethical way. To ensure fair handling and thought for all people involved in its making.

As such Peter personally ensured industrial standards are met for all stages of our production team; meaning you can rest assured that by purchasing this product you are helping to support ethical practices globally.

So let's head for the hills and have some fun!